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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Choosing A Frame For Your Colouring

We talked before about what sunglasses styles suit your face shape. The principles for choosing a pair of glasses are the same. Opposites attract so try and choose a frame that balances your face shape. So what about frame colours? What will suit you? 

Principles Of Colour

We are BIG fans of colour! We don’t like to play it safe and neither do our clients!
It can be intimidating to commit to a coloured frame, especially if you wear your glasses all the time; but a coloured can add so much personality to your look and getting the colour right can enhance your best features and balance out your complexion regardless of what colour clothing you choose everyday.

Play With Colour

Want to know how? - Let’s play with colour!
First, focus on two aspects of your own colouring - hair colour and eye colour. Experts agree we all have a ‘dominant’ colouring and then either a warm or cool undertone. We won’t be discussing undertones too much in this post, but - just to skim the surface – generally a ‘warm’ undertone is anyone with dark eyes and a sallow complexion, whereas a ‘cool’ undertone describes light eyes and a fair complexion. Makes sense, no?!

Choosing a frame which complements or contrasts to your eye colour can really enhance your look. Look at the colour wheel - colours that sit on opposites sides are complementary and provide the best contrast.
We love frames that have a little variance in colour, or subtle nuances of different tones, it makes them much more versatile. If you have light blue eyes, for instance, a grey/blue frame can deepen your eye colour, whereas choosing a warm brown or a tortoise shell frame can make your eyes pop, as it creates a greater contrast.
You can go into all sorts of details describing many different colourings, but for today, let’s just focus (spot the pun!)on eye colour.

Hope this helps you be a little more adventurous with your frame colour. We are always happy to help with any questions (or if you feel we have left anything out ). We are working on a Part 2 which will describe some of the complexion and hair colourings that you can base your frame choices on too, if you want to get a little more technical. 
Let us know what you think in the comments!

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