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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

We are off to Munich!

We are so excited to be going to our first ever Optical tradeshow in Europe, and it happens to be one of the biggest!!

Opti-Munich exhibits over 525 representitives from leading eyewear brands the world over.
We have a gap in our collection for some new brands and will be scouting exciting new exclusive ranges to add to our shelves this coming Spring and Summer.
Sometimes we will be interested in a brand that may not have representation in Ireland or England, and so visiting a tradeshow such as Opti gives us the chance to see whole collections side by side, that we may never otherwise get the chance to see in person.
As you know, we are really picky about how we choose our frames, so this means we can try styles on, feel the quality and see the true colours that browsing on a web catalogue just can't compete with!

So we are off this Friday and Saturday, 15th & 16th,  to immerse ourselves in all things optical.....can't wait!
We will have plenty of pictures and stories to share when we return.....and also a BIG reveal!.....Exciting times ahead!

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