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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Adventures in Munich (Part 2)

If you havn't read part one of our adventures in Munich.....go and read what we got up to on our first day...........done that?Ok.....lets continue the story.

We stayed at the very convenient BOLD hotel in Munich. This hotel very much appealed to my own interior decor sensibilities. It was bright, modern and clean, with funky furniture.
As we were so tired after our long first day, we chose to grab a bite to eat at the hotel before an early night.......not the finest dining experience we have ever had! There was a very strange moment when a rice pudding was served up with a caramel top instead of the creme brulee! Perhaps we can put this down to a language barrier?Not sure, but needless to say we stuck to the breakfast buffet after that, which was VERY good!

Day 2 of the tradeshow was another busy one. We had an early appointment with LINDBERG. Anyone well versed in the world of optics will know that LINDBERG are a bit special. They are, perhaps, most famous for their rimless styles, however their collection is so much more than just rimless. We were blown away by the frames! We were invited to sit down to view the collection (which is huge, and has sub-collections) and instructed to wear gloves as we handled the frames!!
We have picked a good selection of amazing styles, from their 'Spirit', 'Acetanium' and 'Strip' collections. These bad boys have just landed this week, come in and have a peek, they have been worth the wait!

So after LINDBERG, we viewed one other collection, which we are playing close to our chests for now. They won't arrive until September or October and so, we have a bit of a wait for these......but I will admit, they are a brand that we have been lusting over for more than a year. I'm so glad we decided to order them, but we want to keep it a surprise for now....!
Intrigued???So you should be!! ;)

Besides our first questionable experience with the Munich food, we did have a really good dinner and brunch in the city on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. I'm going to leave that to another post, which I won't leave as long in between this time!But just in case your going to Munich anytime soon, we will post about the hotel and the restaurants we liked.
Thanks for reading, guys, hope your excited for our new frames.....a few of them have already landed!